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Liquid-Free Deodorization

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Advanced Tech.
Simple Steps.

Simply place your item in a treatment bag, select your desired treatment cycle, and then press start. Our patented technology uses a unique  vacuum infusion process to deodorize with activated oxygen. When the selected cycle the filter cartridge de-activates the oxygen making the BLUEWAVE safe to use anywhere.


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One Device to Treat them All

BLUEWAVE treatment kits custom made for every need:

Prosthetic Sockets & Liners


Cranial Helmets

Diabetic Footwear & Shoe Inserts

Wrist & Knee Braces

Offloading Boots & Wound Care Devices

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Visit Our Online Store

You can now find BLUEWAVE products on the Myrdal Orthopedic Technologies online store. Login to the Myrdal site to start setting up your treatment service today!

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Lauren Cavitt
Pinnacle Orthotics & Prosthetics
I cleaned my cast every day as instructed and couldn’t keep the odor under control.  After one super cycle in the BLUEWAVE the odor was gone!
In all scenarios there has been a significant improvement noticeable by both the technicians and the client.
Dawn MacArthur Turner
Custom Orthotics of London, Inc.

you can trust.

First time using
BLUEWAVE Products?

View our online video series to learn how to effectively eliminate odours with the BLUEWAVE.

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